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And for him, it was most useful in guiding him back to what works best for him: the in-person therapist he worked with for seven years after college. He says, "It was very significant because it propelled me to get back into real-life therapy.

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Kanner found it easy to talk about everyday things and even had surprisingly candid, emotional experiences that she isn't sure would have happened for her in a therapist's office. That said, they also found flaws in the format. Kanner explains that she didn't always get the sense the person on the other end of the messages was fully listening.

For Goodman, online therapy motivated him to renew his commitment to his health, but he realized it would be harder to fulfill that commitment in a digital format. I think there is something emotionally missing from that," he says.

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And they hope those who visit the Friends With Secrets website will get a lot out the project, too. Although Hughes admits to being "very nervous" about what people will think about her contribution to the site, she's hoping it adds to a conversation about mental health in the black community.

Kanner found "a thread of hope throughout my sessions that I sort of lost," and she's optimistic that readers will pick up on that themselves. On one hand, Goodman simply wants to give people a clearer idea of how this very new approach to therapy works by presenting actual, unfiltered experiences.

But he also realizes there may be a far more profound takeaway. Follow Marci on Instagram and Twitter , or subscribe to Allure's newsletter for daily beauty stories delivered right to your inbox. By Kaleigh Fasanella. Enjoy floating in the interminable icy orbit that is peripheral friendship. You use the poo emoji instead?

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True pals. How do your friends treat your classified information?


Because what are friends for, if not to dredge up time and again those tales of drunken humiliation? That time you walked to a kebab van in bare feet, or vomited in a handbag?

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True mates know your vulnerabilities and bad points and love you anyway. Even if they show it through mocking.

You Think Your Spouse Is Being an A-Hole (Again!)

W e all know how Facebook party invitations work: first come the key players, the old faithfuls, the bosom friends. You weren't one of the initial lot?

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