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Chickee's Messy Mission EM - Exocortex Options. EM - Shadowdancer. EM - Collateral Characters. Consciousness: The Book Steve Perrin 0. Jack 2 Steve Perrin 0. Monster Colisuem Steve Perrin 0. Champions Adventures 13 Steve Perrin 0. The Shorts Vol.

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Champions Adventures 09 Steve Perrin 0. Marksman Annual 1 Steve Perrin 0. Flare 20 Steve Perrin 0.

Champions Adventures 12 Steve Perrin 0. Champions 65 Steve Perrin 0.

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Champions Adventures 10 Steve Perrin 0. Flare 34 Steve Perrin 0. Superworld: Gamemasters Book Steve Perrin 0. Champions Adventures 11 Steve Perrin 0.

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Champions 51 Steve Perrin 0. Champions Adventures 08 Steve Perrin 0. Adventures of Chrissie Claus 3 Steve Perrin 0. Liberty Comics 4 Dennis Mallonee 0. Liberty Comics 3 Martin, Richard 0. Liberty Comics 2 Dennis Mallonee 0. Flare 22 Wilson Hill 0. Marksman 1 Dennis Mallonee 0. Marksman 2 Dennis Mallonee 0. Flare 23 Wilson Hill 0. WitchGirls Inc 02 Dennis Mallonee 0. Flare 30 Terrance Griep Jr. Champions 38 Dennis Mallonee 0. Can we respond to you about this? Start Over Advanced Search. Products found in this section Sensational G-Girl 01 The long-awaited super-sized, page first issue of Sensational G-Girl is here, featuring five sensational tales!

First, there are mysteries to be solved when the Sensational G-Girl wakes up out of a sound sleep, and finds herself smack in middle of a mysterious jungle forest, with a beautiful goddess as her guide.

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Who brought her here? And why? Find out in this brand-new G-Girl adventure, Flare 48 Concluding in this issue, for the first time in color, enjoy a blast from the past when the Golden Warrior takes on Helga Gottmann in the thrilling page conclusion to the Origin of Flare. Cover by Mark Beachum Cover by Giancarlo Caracuzzo Sensational G-Girl 02 First, after teaming up with Flare to tackle some dinosaurs and purple gorillas, it's Billi Jayne's first day on her new job at Hunter Electronics.

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But it may be that she doesn't quite understand exactly what it is her "uncle" Donald Hunter aka the Huntsman actually expects her to be doing. Then, Billi Jayne visits This is the vital prequel to Flare's upcoming "Challenge of the Gods" storyline! If you haven't read these stories, this is your opportunity to get them all in a single volume. Cover by Paul Abrams Infinites 01 "This is a tale of worlds, of realities, and of the champions who have banded together to save them.

Gathered from a series of alternate Earths, other times, and distant dimensions, The Infinites are the greatest heroes that any reality has to offer Remember the G-Girl's recent championship wrestling match? Well, that was for charity, and unfortunately did nothing to help the Jensen family finances. And now, the G-Girl's obnoxious little brother Jimmy's latest idea on how to go about generating some cash is definitely going to get him in hot water with Billi Jayne. Flare v5: Her Mother's Daughter Here at last!

These are the tales that hearken back to the origin of Flare, and bridge the gap between the final issue of her original series, and the beginning of her current series. Champions 63 It's the battle you knew had to happen! It seems Billi Jayne has an idea Also in this issue, there's something odd going on when Billi Jayne and the gang pay a visit to the local "Soda Shoppe," in a sensational new G-Girl adventure by Dennis Champions 58 It's not easy being a pretty girl. Especially when you used to be a guy!

That's why Billi Jayne Jensen is willing to do whatever it takes to get back to being a guy. Of course, before she does anything like that, she is going to get a second opinion Cover by Ulderico Fioretti Then the question arises: Just where does the Cover by Mark Sparacio Also in this issue: Erin Brockman, the mousey little girl across the street, isn't so little any more, she's definitely not mousey, and she's caught the attention of the G-Girl's little brother Jimmy.

The untold Flare 39 Comics' glittering goddess of light returns in an all-new series of comic book adventures! There's trouble in store when the Champions 55 She's here! First, a tale crafted by Dennis Mallonee and J Adam Walters, when our electric heroine invited ace reporter Jimmy Dooley to the loft above her flower shop, she was hoping to enjoy a quiet dinner with him.

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Then, Olga's Britannia the Lion of Britain 1 Journey with Megan Todd into the realms of Faerie as she learns what it means to be heir to the power that grants strength and courage to the peoples of the British Isles. All five original chapters in the adventures of Heroic Publishing's Britannia are collected at last in a full-color, super-sized, page volume featuring four brand-new, previously unpublished bonus story pages!

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