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The chemotherapy took out all her white blood cells and the blood cancer cells. In the end, she passed because of infection.

This song is so sad. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Urban Dictionary: Wake Me Up When September Ends

LilRedhead She did not die in vain. May she rest in peace. Flag 2StixNix on October 22, General Comment This was the first song that Billie Joe has ever written about the death of his dad, which happened when he was I'm not sure. And I think his dad died in september and so mabye he just hates that time of year because it reminds him of it I don't know really, just and opinion. My Interpretation It makes sense that it is about his father.

Billy is 37, and his dad died when he was 10, which was on september Billy wrote the song seven years after his dad died hence the line " seven years has gone so fast". Later in the song, he says "twenty years has gone so fast". It would also make sense that he wishes he could sleep through September, because perhaps he is reminded of his father in september, wich would probably be kinda depressing.

PS September is at the end of Summer "Summer has come and passed", so at the end of summer, he is "drenched in his pain again".

United States of Rage and Love: Green Day - "Wake Me Up When September Ends"

JulieJoyfull wow julie.. VERY insightful for any age, but 12, amazing. Flag denise on March 12, General Comment Good interpretation on the date, September 10th: the last day of innocence. I like it.

I like it a lot. Billie-Joe said himself this song was the first he wrote about his father's death, but I think it's that and a whole lot more.

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To me it's about the realization of inevitably losing everything you care about, and so in that way it also is the heartache over Whatsername who breaks up with him in Letterbomb. It's a realization that can depress you enough to make you want to sleep for an entire month. General Comment This songs about his dad dying General Comment It's about Billie's father's death, but I'm sure that he wrote it so that it tries in with the story of St. My Interpretation When I saw the video, my first impression was that the main character killed his father so that he and his girlfriend could be together, thats why she was so upset.

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Moreover the singer is known for having a difficult i. So in summation, this is a grievance song which, though being based on a very-specific story, has caught on with fans due to being construed as a tribute to lost loved ones in general. Reprise Records and Warner Bros.

Records released this track on 14 September This classic was also the de facto theme song of relief efforts for victims of Hurricane Katrina, which wreaked havoc in the United States on 29 August September 11, Your email address will not be published.