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If you hated a past job, challenge yourself to list five things you loved about it. Similarly, if you loved your job, think about aspects you hated, and how you can use these positions to still find future employment for your next stepping stone. So, why have you stuck around for so long and why are you choosing right now to move on?

Be Yourself

Think about it, find some answers, and figure out how you can use them to find a dream job to fit all of your needs. This is also a great time for you to find out more about what the company values and if their values align with yours. They have a lot of great insight into which companies value culture fit and those that are more about revenue than employee happiness.

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For example, if you are interested in a creative field, look for companies that match the criteria you discovered from the first two steps. Using culture fit tools or help from job agencies can help make the process easier. Be smart about how to strategize your next steps to help get you to your dream career goals. Interviews should not just be to impress your potential boss or hiring manager.

Instead, approach them as opportunities to see whether the company is a good fit for you and your needs. Prior to the interview, be sure to thoroughly research the company online to assess the company culture.

Is there any downside to dreaming?

Be yourself during the job interview, and then ask questions at the end to find out whether the job matches your dream job description. If you are polite and authentic during the interview, and are talking with a company that has an open, clear management and human resources department, you should find and, eventually, be hired for a job that matches what you are looking for. Still feeling a little lost?

Be aggressive with your goals. Consider where you see yourself in one, two, five, or even 10 years. Then set your sights on realistic goals that you can percent accomplish each year. These goals should be moving you closer to your dream. They should also be very clear and written down so you can look at them. Remember, dreams are like destinations -- if you want to go somewhere in life you have to recognize where you are and visualize where you want to be. Just like you need to stay hydrated to do physical activities, you need to stay motivated.


10 Big Differences Between Goals and Dreams That You Must Know

Dreaming big keeps you active and moving forward in life. Very often, people make money and get too comfortable -- they have a family, a nice house, a fancy car, they go on vacations, but they also get depressed. So, I tell people to never stop dreaming. The former athlete may dream of becoming a coach, a manager, or a business owner. The burned-out attorney might decide to become a law school professor and shape the next generation of attorneys. Instead, you should have a mental picture a vision board in your mind of what your retirement will look like.

Do you see yourself traveling and golfing at the finest courses in the world? Maybe you dream of mentoring or doing something philanthropic. Whatever you choose, set your goals and start working toward a new dream. And never stop researching and learning along the way.

Dreams Often Have Meaning. Here's How To Interpret Them.

With each small milestone, take a pause and reward yourself. By acknowledging these smaller goals, you continue motivating yourself, plus you enjoy the journey. You need to do the research on whatever it is you want to achieve and understand exactly what it will take to make your dream come true.

What is Your Dream? (2017)

Next, you have two options: You can dream of being an owner or work inside the business. The point is, you can be passionate about being hands on in the field, or about being an entrepreneur and have other people with expertise run the business.

Either way, you need to learn as much as possible about the business, which means rolling up your sleeves and working in the industry for a while. Most of the best coaches in sports, for example, played the game at some level, and whether they were good at it or not, they learned how the game was played. Those who have really excelled at coaching are those who dug deeper, learned more, and came up with their own ideas and their own strategies.

Besides gaining knowledge, immersing yourself in the industry by working in it gives you the opportunity to meet people who can help you later on.

What's your dream?

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