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Thunderbird is go for 100% stage one offtake

International Rescue face a race against time to prevent a massive nuclear explosion. A gang of criminals masquerade as International Rescue to conceal their theft of top-secret military plans. The ensuing worldwide manhunt for International Rescue leaves the organisation powerless to operate in a rescue situation until its name is vindicated, just as a member of a manned reconnaissance satellite is suddenly trapped in space while trying to repair the station.

A criminal organisation steals classified plans.

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Working in conjunction with a British Secret Service agent, Lady Penelope must recover the material to save the world from total destruction. Two Australian boys are playing their favourite game — "International Rescue" — when their "distress" call is picked up by John Tracy on Thunderbird 5. After a tour of Tracy Island, and a warning not to use their radio again, the brothers are returned home. The Hood then tricks the boys into an old mine shaft before stealing secret photographs from their government agent father.

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When the Ocean Pioneer tanker inexplicably explodes, Brains investigates the cause. With some help from Lady Penelope, he discovers it to be a chemical reaction between the cargo of liquid Alsterene and OD60, which is found in the sea. The Duchess of Royston has fallen on hard times, leading her friend Lady Penelope to enlist Jeff's help. The Duchess and her one asset — the painting Portrait of a Gazelle , by Braquasso — fall into criminal hands and it is up to International Rescue to save both. When a new growth hormone is accidentally released into a South American river, a house is besieged by alligators — now many times their normal size.

International Rescue must subdue the reptiles and save the house's occupants. When aircraft are shot down during live broadcasts of a hit song, International Rescue suspects foul play. Tin-Tin and Lady Penelope posing as the singer Wanda Lamour investigate, but are left in mortal danger when a ski lift is sabotaged and speeds out of control down a mammoth mountain slide in the Alps. Clip show episode: the Tracy family cannot help but reminisce about their many successful missions after a young boy infiltrates the island.

They are nevertheless burdened by the problem that the boy knows their identity and the location of their base — until Jeff realises that they can use the boy's dreams to their own advantage. World Navy tests of a nuclear torpedo inadvertently threaten the offshore rig Seascape. Jeff , having been invited by Lady Penelope to join her on holiday in Australia, places Scott in charge of International Rescue, with Alan substituting for Scott at the helm of Thunderbird 1.

A new invention — the Crablogger a nearly fully automated logging machine that converts wood into fuel — threatens widespread devastation if it collides with an unfinished dam, after its drivers collapse due to food poisoning. A malfunctioning solar reflector menaces the Italian coastal village of Monte Bianco, where Lady Penelope and Parker happen to be visiting while on holiday. A staffed, pirate telecommunications satellite which broadcasts a music programme of which Tin-Tin is a devoted fan is disrupted by the detonation of a rogue unmanned space rocket and is set on collision course with a Middle Eastern oil refinery.

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This episode was inspired by the offshore pirate radio stations such as Radio Caroline which were operating off the British coast in the s. While Christmas preparations are underway at both Tracy Island and a local children's hospital, which is expanding to incorporate a new radiotherapy wing, a pair of criminals attempt to burgle a high-tech vault storing gold bullion.

Thunderbirds Are Go. The spacecraft Zero-X is bound for Mars , carrying a crew of five astronauts. But when the craft experiences a critical mechanical fault shortly after take-off, the crew are forced to eject to safety while the multi-million dollar spacecraft crashes into the ocean. Two years later, an investigation committee releases the official report on the crash, concluding that the cause of the crash was sabotage.

While the mission is put on hold, the committee decides that extra security measures would be required for a re-launch. After some debate, they decide to call on the services of International Rescue.

The Thunderbirds machines, with the help of London Agent, Lady Penelope , make sure that the second launching attempt is successful. Once the craft lands on Mars, the crew start to explore the planet and collect rock samples, but when they encounter unexpected problems, they are forced to return to Earth sooner than planned. On re-entering Earth's atmosphere , the crew encounter further problems when a lifting body one of two remote controlled wings equipped with additional engines and undercarriage and used, one above the nose-end of the spacecraft and one under the engine cluster at the tail, for take-off and landing suffers a mechanical fault and collides with the rear of the craft, damaging the escape unit circuit.

With the crew unable to escape, it is again up to International Rescue to save the astronauts, as well as a town in the Zero-X flightpath, from disaster. Thunderbird 6.

Thunderbird is go for % stage one offtake - Australian Mining

Jeff Tracy wants Brains to design a new Thunderbird vehicle, a project of such complexity that he is forced to decline his place on the maiden round-the-world flight of his jet-assisted airship, Skyship One. The International Rescue representatives set off on a luxury world tour, unaware that they are entrusting their safety to assassins who have murdered the real crew of Skyship One , are working for a master criminal identified as "Black Phantom", and are covertly recording and editing Penelope's conversations to assemble a false distress call summoning International Rescue to an abandoned airbase in the north African desert.

With the ship inbound to England, the assassins have finally secured enough tape to send the message, but the four passengers have figured out the plan and warn Jeff Tracy in time to avert the hi-jacking of Thunderbirds 1 and 2. On Skyship One , the assassins are attacked, but in the ensuing gunfight manage to capture Tin-Tin as hostage. The ship's gravity drive is also damaged, and Skyship One crashes into the top of the central relay tower of a missile base near Dover. With the ship precariously suspended above ground, International Rescue must use the Tiger Moth to rescue the passengers and crew.

The rescue attempt is disrupted when the assassins hi-jack the Tiger, just before Skyship One finally crashes to the ground.