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It was a clarion call to change. Whatever its failings, the sixties remains a remarkable moment in the history of American reform, and its impact persists. The decade opened up a range of experience and a new skepticism about the nation's leaders and institutions; it also encouraged new attitudes toward race, sex, gender roles, bureaucracy, and the physical environment - issues which continue to challenge us forty-five years later. Tell us what you think. The pursuit of increasingly sophisticated technology has undoubtedly been a hallmark human society. This series examines the relationship The views and opinions expressed by sponsors of and participants in our programs, including our Roads Scholars programs, are their own and do not necessarily represent those of the North Carolina Humanities Council.

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I realized that I had to put my own fantasies behind me if I wanted to write songs that would reach the souls of people. I wanted them to take a look at what was happening in the world.

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As it turned out music did not accomplish these things. What anti-war music did do, as all protest music has done throughout American history, was to raise spirits while doing battle, help define the identities of activists, and turn passive consumption into an active, vibrant, and sometimes liberating culture. New York: Bantam, , Accessed July 7, Kerry Candaele recommends the following resources for more information:.

Flacks, Richard, and Rob Rosenthal.

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Boulder CO: Paradigm, Gitlin, Todd. Toronto and New York: Bantam Books, Isserman, Maurice and Michael Kazin. America Divided: The Civil War of the s. New York: Oxford, Lipsitz, George.

The Sixties: From Memory to History

Lynskey, Dorian. New York: Ecco, Miller, James. This boxed set tells its story of the Vietnam War through 14 CDs of music and newscast commentary plus a page book. The nearly half-century time frame includes over artists and songs. New York: Atlantic, This is a "high fidelity" resource that allows convenient access to historically significant musical documents.

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This music is simply moving! Are the lyrics available? I would like to do some Close Readings with my young students. We wonder if black power marked the end of a great man's dream of a color-blind nation or the beginning of a multicultural society. And of less profound importance, but harder to miss, songs and images of the sixties flood the mass media and the marketplace--in homage to that pig in the demographic python, the baby boomers. To a large extent, memories of the sixties shadow both the public realm and the private lives of tens of millions of Americans.

So far, many of the most popular books and movies about the s--Oliver Stone JFK , Todd Gitlin The Sixties , Neil Sheehan A Bright Shining Lie --have been powerful acts of memory wrestling with history in an effort to bring some order to the rush of still vivid experiences.

The history of America in the ig6os has admirably resisted becoming just another dryasdust subject of scholarly inquiry. Yet, hard as it is for a generation that still sees itself as "the young people" to admit, the s were a long time ago: it is many more than twenty years ago today that Sgt. Pepper and his friends taught America how to play.


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The original essays in this book represent, I believe, some of the most exciting ways in which historians are beginning to paint those times onto the larger canvas of American history. In this collection we, the essayists, ask fundamental questions about how much America changed in the s and why it changed. Our answers center on two related concepts: cultural authority and political legitimacy.