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The Globe Celebrity News. Food World News. The New York Book Festival. WENN - Where the news gets the news. MSN Entertainment. Washington Post. NY Daily News. Something decidedly odd is going on at Blood Moon Productions. The aforementioned Peter O'Toole is treated with something alarmingly akin to respect. Unique in the history of publishing, this scandalous triple biography focuses on the Hollywood indiscretions of former U.

Click here for a longer description of what the book contains. Press release from the Los Angeles Book Festival. Announcing the release of Love Triangle. My Gay Toronto reviews Love Triangle. Despite her unprecedented fame, most Americans know very few details about Jackie's emotional and romantic life in the aftermath of her marriages to an American president and subsequently to one of the world's richest men.

The publication of this book will change all that, thanks to the years its authors have spent digging up indiscreet tales about the emotional entanglement of a woman whose romantic and sex life continued at full throttle through multiple menfolk and multiple partners-most of them rich, famous, and very very quotable as regards the charm and allure of this remarkable woman. Germany Loves Jackie. The enfants terribles of America at midth Century challenged the sexual censors of their day while indulging in "bitchfests" for love, glory, and boyfriends.

For the first time along comes a book that exposes their literary slugfests and offers an intimate look at their relationships with the glitterati -everyone from Marilyn Monroe to Jacqueline Kennedy and Marlon Brando.

The 100 Jokes That Shaped Modern Comedy

The Globe loves Pink Triangle. The Huff Post Review of Books. The New York Journal of Books.

Zsa Zsa, Eva, and Magda Gabor transferred their glittery dreams and gold-digging ambitions from the twilight of the Austro-Hungarian Empire to Hollywood. There, more effectively than any army, these Bombshells from Budapest broke hearts, amassed fortunes, lovers, and A-list husbands, and amused millions of voyeurs through the medium of television, movies, and the social registers.

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This book by America's most knowledgable celebrity-watcher demonstrates that wit, charm, ruthlessness, and beauty can indeed go a long way toward the realization of the American Dream. Zsa Zsa is going to Florida! Blood Moon Appearances in South Florida. New York Journal of Books. The notorious Linda Lovelace was America's first Queen of Porn, presiding over a fast-developing multi-billion-dollar film industry during the decadent s. Her movie, Deep Throat, redefined the nation's views on obscenity and was credited with changing America's sexual attitudes more than anything since the Kinsey Report.

But at decade's end, Linda, in a complete about-face, emerged as one of the more compelling voices in the feminist movement, denouncing the degradations of her cinematic past. Before she died, Elizabeth Taylor claimed that previous biographers had revealed "only half of my story, but I can't tell the other half because I'd get sued. With photos, this meaty and startling book offers a juicy feast of till-now untold tales about the 20th century's most deadline-generating actress, relayed with empathy and brutal candor. The Daily Mail exposes Liz's early sexploits. How Liz Taylor Bedded Tinseltown.

As an insight into the American experience of celebrity death on the 50th anniversary of the murder of the Love Goddess, biographer Darwin Porter has compiled, after decades of research, an intriguing roundup of the conspiracies and dark secrets behind Hollywood's most notorious mystery: Who Killed Marilyn?

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This relentless page-turner, a lip-smacking and juicy read, examines the mass hysteria that followed in the wake of Marilyn's assassination. No death in the 20th century, other than that of JFK himself, ever sparked more cover-ups, lies, criminal thefts of vital data including body parts , bribes, perjury, myths, incompetent investigating, distorted medical records, unauthorized leaks, outrageous rumors, and a blitzkrieg of bizarre books that obscured more than they revealed.

Darwin Porter's saga of power and corruption has a revelation on every page—cross dressing, gay parties, sexual indiscretions, hustlers for sale, alliances with the Mafia, criminal activity by the FBI, and an obsessive and voyeuristic interest in the sex lives of Hollywood celebrities.

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It's all here, with chilling details about the abuse of power on the dark side of the American saga. But mostly, it's the decades-long love story of American law enforcement officers who were so powerful that they could tell presidents how to skip rope Hoover's words.

Whereas Humphrey Bogart is always at the top of any list of the Entertainment Industry's most famous actors, very little is known about how he clawed his way to stardom from Broadway to Hollywood. This radical expansion of one of Darwin Porter's pioneering biographies begins with Bogart's origins as the child of wealthy morphine-addicted parents in New York City, then examines the scandals, love affairs, breakthrough successes, and failures that launched Bogart on the road to becoming an American icon.

Drawn from original interviews with friends and foes who knew a lot about what lay beneath his trenchcoat, this expose covers Bogart's life from his birth in till his marriage to Lauren Bacall in It includes details about behind-the-scenes dramas associated with three mysterious marriages, and films such as The Petrified Forest. No other book in the history of publishing has assembled in one volume 80 years of pansexual scandals associated with the Kennedys-all in one guilty pleasure of a sizzling book.

Meticulously researched, it showcases the indiscretions and extramarital romps of America's most famous political clan. In addition to lesser known and often shocking scandals about Jack Mr. President , other parts of this pioneering page-turner will be devoted to Bobby and Teddy, with extra space reserved for founding father Joseph P. Kennedy when he operated as a libidinous Hollywood mogul. Paparazzi cameras zoom in on that uber-goddess of all things glam, Jackie, documenting her many love affairs, which were matched only by America's Prince Charming, her son, John-John, a horny young man with a gleam in his eyes.

The Kennedys is illustrated with hundreds of candid photographs. Temporarily sold out. Available for e-readers only. The tempestuous, scandalous love affair of the 20th century's Romeo and Juliet was second in fame and notoriety only to that of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, and by many accounts, even more corrupt.

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  5. Even though the spotlight shone on this famous pair throughout most of their tabloid-fueled careers, much of what went on behind the velvet curtain remained hidden from view until the publication of this ground-breaking biography. For the first time, the sexual excesses and interpersonal anguish of this impossibly famous team of actors are exposed in graphic, sometimes wrenching detail.

    From his reckless pursuit of love as a rich teenager to his final days as a demented fossil, Howard Hughes changed the worlds of aviation and entertainment forever. This biography reveals inside details about his destructive and usually scandalous associations with other Hollywood players. Set amid descriptions of the unimaginable changes that affected America between and , this critically acclaimed biography gives an insider's perspective about what money can buy—and what it can't.

    The hottest compendium of inter-generational scandal in the history of Hollywood. An overview of exhibitionism, sexuality, and sin as filtered through 85 years of Hollywood indiscretion. As they were unfolding, the events described within this book were known only within Hollywood's most decadent cliques. All of that has changed with the release of this book. It's all here. Vivid, Candid, Sizzling.

    To those who love her, Hollywood was and is a gossipy, mendacious Big Daddy's word , and whorish place that remains captivating despite the passage of time. In this, an updated new spin on Hollywood as Babylon, it's depicted at its sleaziest, most venal, and most deliciously unseemly. This monumentally exhaustive collection of sins, foibles, failings, and sexual adventures is the ultimate guilty pleasure-and publisher Blood Moon pledges that it's merely Volume One.

    Dishing with abandon, the authors spare no one—especially not the dead This series has set the graves of Hollywood's cemeteries spinning. From famed celebrity biographer Darwin Porter, this is the most honest and journalistically important biography of Michael Jackson ever published, with a roster of literary reviews that outnumber and outclass any other MJ bio on the market. After its original release in , it was widely reviewed as the most thorough and comprehensive biography of the superstar published anytime during the previous 15 years.

    Following the superstar's death in June of , Porter edited and amplified his already controversial texts to include startling new information about The Gloved One, adding a final chapter and a post-mortem epilogue reflecting the mysterious circumstances surrounding Jackson's death and an analysis of its aftermath.

    Legally Blonde and the History of the “Dumb Blonde”

    Out, outrageous, provocative, and proud, this comprehensive anthology and library resource reviews of the best of Hollywood's output of gay, bisexual, lesbian, transgendered, and queer questioning films, with a special emphasis on how gays changed the movies we know and love. Conceived as a working guide to what viewers should stock within their DVD queues, it reviews everything from blockbusters to indie sleepers, with about a dozen special features discussing the ironies, betrayals, subterfuge, and gossip of who, what, and how it happened when the film world's closet doors slowly creaked open beginning in This is a pioneering and posthumous biography of a charismatic icon of Tinseltown whose rule over the hearts of American moviegoers lasted for more than half a century.

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    It's loaded with never-before-published revelations that look behind the innocent-looking baby blues that enthralled the movie-going public. He became one of the most potent, desirable, and ambiguous sex symbols in America, a former sailor from Shaker Heights, Ohio, who parlayed his ambisexual charm and extraordinary good looks into one of the most successful careers in Hollywood. It's all here, as recorded by celebrity chronicler Darwin Porter—the dirt and the glory, the bad and the beautiful, the giddy highs and the agonizing lows of a great American star.

    He became the richest man in TV, befriended everyone in media who mattered, bought a casino, and maintained a secret life as America's most famously closeted homosexual. The truth about Steve McQueen is spectacularly different from the legend projected by his screen persona and Hollywood's media machine.

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    Lurid aspects of McQueen's early life include a gothic horror of a childhood and stints as both a porno performer and pay for play hustler to both men and women. Also revealed are sinister implications associated with his mysterious death. Years of research on the film industry's coolest player bring McQueen and his legacy brusquely back to Earth. Scorching, bizarre, and flamboyant, a strikingly beautiful blond hustler, Numie Chase, comes to the searing heat of Tortuga, southernmost point in the Continental US—the end of the line.

    There, he arouses passions in six decadent but vulnerable people, whose lives mesh together under the blood-red sun. Nevertheless, I'd walk the waterfront for Numie any day. Rhinestone Country is a provocative but tender portrait of Country Music, show biz, stardom, and closeted lives south of the Mason-Dixon line. Sweeping across the racial and sexual landscapes of the Deep South between and , it takes a hard look at closeted lives and the destructive aspects of fame.

    Loaded with truly memorable characters, it's delectable, stimulating, sexy, and tantalizing. Rosacoke Carson, the leading, long-suffering heroine of Rhinestone Country, gives new meaning to the phrase, 'Stand by your Man. Pete Riddle, known to his fans as the sexiest musician alive, loved his more than most.

    This is a daring and dazzling work about trauma, deception, and pain, all of it with a Southern accent. It's the True Grit of show-biz novels. Blood Moon is about passion, betrayal, and murder among the very rich and powerful, some of whom happen to be gay. It's about the false gods of power, wealth, and physical beauty. It's an epic tale about depravity in the glittery, glamorous, and sometimes tawdry world of South Florida.