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What it means for senior executives

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Smartphones Revolutionized Society in Less Than a Decade

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Smartphone Growth /Usage

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Search the FT Search. World Show more World. US Show more US. Upgrading to ultra-high frequency "millimetre" waves is a vastly more costly exercise for a big network, requiring cells every metres or so in built up areas. Telstra's Channa Seneviratne says Australia will be using millimetre wave technology in the future, but it won't be in A that point we will have to design a network in terms of the laws of physics," he said.

Given Australia's vast area and low population density, a millimetre wave network is likely to remain a niche product, perhaps limited to factory floors, or "behind-the-window" use. However, that spectrum is not even on the market yet and Telstra has only started bidding for the available frequencies in recent weeks. Next year's commercial launch will be limited to the capital cities, as well as couple of regional centres, including Toowoomba and Launceston.

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It will be deployed in high-usage areas such as central business districts, shopping malls and sporting venues where 4G networks are under strain. On Ovum's estimation, national-scale 5G networks will not emerge until the middle of the next decade.

History Of Cellphones And How Drastically They've Changed

So will consumers be slugged with expensive new plans and handsets to underwrite something that in its early stages won't appear to be different to what they already have? It will be instructive to see just much excitement this week's marketing exercise generates among the big investors. Topics: telecommunications , wireless-communication , company-news , business-economics-and-finance , australia.

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Your next smartphone is not going to be a revolution

First posted December 04, If you have inside knowledge of a topic in the news, contact the ABC. ABC teams share the story behind the story and insights into the making of digital, TV and radio content. Read about our editorial guiding principles and the standards ABC journalists and content makers follow. Learn more. It is worth taking extra care with certain foods that are more likely to harbour nasty pathogens.

What are Australians really thinking and feeling? Thousands of people told us— and now you can see how you compare. Young Trump encounters his toughest challenge yet as the giant ImPeach rolls around to take him on an adventure.

Not Just for Calling Anymore: The Social Impact of the iPhone Revolution - CHM

Photo: It's a decade since video streaming was introduced to wireless internet. What will the latest 5G mobile networks bring? Reuters: Eric Gaillard. Key points: Telstra expects to have its first 5G phones on the market by mid-next year 5G delivers near real-time communication, but most phone users won't notice a difference Analysts tip 5G to revolutionise business, rather than personal, mobile use. Photo: The future of telecommunications?

Prototype 5G devices were the size of a bar fridge, now they're the size of a smartphone. Supplied: Telstra. Telstra vs shareholders The Telstra board has only itself to blame for the massive protest vote delivered by its owners, argues Stephen Letts.

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What's the big fuss about 5G? The race is on to roll out 5G but let's get a few things straight — it's not like this technology will magically transform your life overnight.

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Photo: The early stages of the 5G roll out will see new cells added to existing towers to keep costs down. Photo: Hi-tech robotic industries requiring real time machine-to-machine communication are likely to drive 5G growth. Supplied: Smart Steel Systems. Top Stories 'You're hurting me': Elderly protesters dragged from climate change rally US announces Turkey will invade northern Syria following Trump-Erdogan phone call Almost half the firefighters at this country station resigned at once — here's why Pressure ramps up to pull CO2 from the sky with geoengineering tech Analysis: Is China 'cheating' the system by claiming to be a developing country?

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The Mobile Revolution Is Just Beginning

Got a news tip? Editorial Policies Read about our editorial guiding principles and the standards ABC journalists and content makers follow. Should you wash fruit and vegetables? Where do you fit? By Matt Liddy What are Australians really thinking and feeling? Trump and the Giant ImPeach Young Trump encounters his toughest challenge yet as the giant ImPeach rolls around to take him on an adventure.