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Honouring the Foundations of Life with Shelley Ostroff. For a deeper understanding of the vision and evolution of the 7 Days of Rest and Reflection Event - you can listen to this in-depth dialogue between Dr.

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Julie Krull and Dr. Shelley Ostroff as they explore what it means to develop a deeper connection with the foundations of Life through this event.

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We look forward to co-creating with you a global field of inspiration, reconnection and replenishment - for the planet and all its inhabitants! As a small team, during the event dedicated to Rest and Reflection, we may not be able to be available for questions and technological support. Thank you for helping this event become a powerful force for unity and healing in the world.

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Blessings for a deeply healing and replenishing time for you and for all Life. With Love and Gratitude,. Inspiration from the.

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Silence has always been where my deepest Wisdom has come from. Such a deeper need on our planet to slow down, keep it simple, focus on one or two things, mindfulness and REST. Rejuvenated Souls are needed to co-create and build a New Earth. Rest, forgiveness, heart connection then we are ready to Collaborate and design and move through to the New Portal. Universe is waiting for us to understand it's Silence first to set the foundation. This is such an important initiative!

The world is moving so fast that is it far to easy to get swept up with it. It is for this reason 7 days of Rest offers us a gift.. If we use this time to pause and settle within ourselves we can get in touch with what we are really feeling, and discover what is important to us.

To question and reevaluate what our purpose is here on this earth? Are we aligning the way we live our life with our core values and beliefs? If we can nurture ourselves both on the inside and outside by listening to our heart we'll be able to make the necessary changes needed to improve the quality of our life, the lives we interact with and the world. I do believe that rushing is violence Let's come together and go slow in the sacred time. IN this deep and profound energy we will find the peace that is needed to create lasting change on this planet.


We are finding out that faster, bigger, more isn't always better, if fact it damages the planet, and we steam on, because "that's how it works" So good a global initiative helps us all to reconnect, rethink and become real. So many ways to be in the stillness, to allow it to flow into and through you to strengthen the balance in ALL, and to develop, give, and receive Unconditional Love.

Can't wait to participate Taking time at the start of the new year to rest calls to every part of my being, personally - knowing it also can have such a restorative effect , collectively, on all of Life and Mother Earth, how can we say anything but YES? An absolutely inspiring and beautiful vision! An initiative so timely and so sorely needed. Thank you! Seven days. Seven sample libraries. For every sale, we'll plant a tree.

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We are on the Atlantic coast of Ireland, it's wet, windy and cold and it's where we first started a community garden, in an unused plot of ground about m elevation and about m from the coast. Devils were roaming the city feasting on dead bodies and even people. The King of Vesali was advised to seek the help of the Buddha. Accepting the invitation, the Buddha with company, arrived at Vesali. With his transcendental powers, he caused heavy rain to pour down, so heavy that it cleaned the city of all dead bodies and uncleanliness.

Later on, Ananda, his disciple went around the city, reciting portions of the Tipitika, and sprinkling lustral water around the city.

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Suffering humans were healed, while all devils were frightened and fled the city. Buddha Image for Tuesday : Reclining Buddha Left arm along the body, right arm serves as a pillow with the hand supporting the head. Buddha Image for Wednesday Evening : Retreat in the Forest Buddha spent the rain retreat on his own in the Palilayaka Palelai forest because he was tired of the monks of Kosambi who had split into two groups and were not in harmony.

Buddha Image for Wednesday Morning : Holding an alms bowl The Buddha is standing with both hands around an alms bowl This symbolizes the first morning after visiting his father at Kapilavastu. Buddha Image for Thursday : Meditating Sitting in the yoga posture. Note the right leg on top of the left, the right hand on top of the left hand. The Bodhisattva makes a vow and is determined not the leave the spot where he is sitting on the grass until he achieves enlightenment.