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Try egg whites and veggies , instead. Mixing up your daily routine will keep things interesting and make you likelier to stay on track. Your metabolism naturally slows down as you lose weight, which can make it harder or take longer to meet your weight loss goals. Good news: Exercise can keep it stoked.

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On top of the cardio you're probably already doing, consider adding two to three days of strength training with weights. Strength training helps to preserve and build muscle, which gives your metabolism the lift it needs. Eating healthier and exercising more can be time-consuming, but setting aside enough time for yourself is important to lead a healthier lifestyle.

After following a diet for awhile, we tend to loosen up and begin to grab this and that — it's amazing how much extra food we can munch on without realizing it! Eat mindfully and keep a food log for accountability try it for a week if you're not already doing so.

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Pay attention to your beverages alcohol, sugary drinks, and even what's going into your coffee and tea , which might be adding more calories to your diet than you think. And reconnect with your measuring cups and food scale — most people routinely underestimate portion sizes, which might further pad your calorie intake. Water is essential for a healthy metabolism.

A simple strategy to stay hydrated is to drink two cups before you sit down to each meal — this boosts your hydration and will even help you eat less by taking the edge off your hunger. Commit to the process.

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When the scale doesn't reflect your hard work, remember that losing weight isn't instantaneous, it's a process. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories.

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The 10 Smartest Cat Breeds. Set definitive short-term goals. James Plotkin. Contact James Plotkin. Streaming and Download help.

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Not sure if JKB has called it a day with the Jesu project - nothing recently, which is a shame as it's gems like this that made it so special. All great tracks as usual, though I do seem to have the alt version of Veiled on repeat more than regularly. Thoughtful ambient from Seattle has elements of drone, experimental, and healing sounds in its musical explorations.