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NALA’s CP (Certified Paralegal): Paralegal Generalist Certification – Entry and Mid-Level

This course also discusses the critical role played by paralegals in bringing and defending tort actions. Alternative Dispute Resolution C Eight basic methods of ADR, and several hybrids, are explained in detail. In addition, students will explore seven arenas where disputes often arise and how one or more methods of ADR apply.

Paralegal Certification Requirements

Students will evaluate disputes and disputants to determine the most appropriate method for resolving a matter. Specific topics addressed include negotiation, mediation, arbitration, settlement strategies, the application of ADR to specific disputes in various industries and sections of the bar, sources of ADR services, and the role of the paralegal in ADR.

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Business Law. This course is a survey of the basic principles of business law and the creation and operation of business entitites. The course begins with a. Civil Litigation A This course is a prerequisite to the Advanced Litigation course and is an overview of the civil litigation process and the role played by paralegals in that process.

Paralegal Exams

Students are taken through each stage of the litigation process from the initial fact-finding stage through trial and appeal. Emphasis is placed on the procedural rules governing the litigation process as well as the skills necessary to draft litigation documents such as pleadings, discovery requests, and motions. Civil litigation involves the resolution of disputes through the court system. Litigation has been characterized by some as civilized warfare — a no-holds barred, knock down, drag out fight.

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To others, litigation is an honorable search for the truth. A few claim litigation is a sign of human failure — a last resort signifying the inability of people to resolve problems without court intervention. Whatever your opinion, litigation is an adversarial process with Plaintiffs vs. Defendants advocating their claims, and it follows a uniquely devised series of procedural steps.

Contract Law C This course is a in-depth discussion of the law of contracts and the role of the paralegal in this area of law.

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Particular attention is given to the six basic requirements for every valid contract: offer, acceptance, consideration, legality of subject matter, contractual capacity, and contractual intent. Discussions also center upon the various classifications into which all contracts fall.

Additional topics include the Statute of Frauds, the Uniform Commercial Code, third party contracts, and legal remedies for breach of contract. Students will learn how to draft and interpret different types of contracts, and will analyze case law involving contract disputes.

Copyright Law C Copyrights protect original artistic, literary, musical and other works. The course begins with an overview of intellectual property law with the primary emphasis on copyright law.

Paralegal Certification | Requirements for Paralegal Certificate

The student will be introduced to basic copyright concepts and types of protectible works. The course targets the differences between derivative works and compilations, and discusses what is not protectible under copyright law. The rights granted under copyright and principles of fair use and the first sale doctrine are also explored. Information is introduced about the rights of musicians, record companies, music broadcasters, and other entities in the music business.

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The concept of copyright authorship is also explored. Issues of ownership are examined and particular attention is devoted to the concept of works made for hire and the duration of copyrights. How copyrights are transferred is discussed and students will learn how to perform some basic copyright research. Students will also discover how to perform copyright registration. The basics of preparing and filing copyright applications, as well as dealing with copyright notice and correcting and canceling of registrations is explored. Copyright infringement, remedies that may be sought for same, and the common defenses to an infringement allegation will be examined.

Lastly, the student will study alternative dispute resolutions and the basics of preparing an infringement litigation case. Elder Law. Description: Paralegals provide valuable services while working under the supervision of lawyers. Com, Legal Careers Tr. Description: Located in the beautiful wine country one hour north of San Francisco, Sonoma State University is a relatively small, public university, committed to student retention, graduation and professional development. The Pearson Education study manual for the PACE exam includes sections on bankruptcy, intellectual property, corporate law, family law and more.

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  8. Several other publishers offer preparation manuals for the exam that can be purchased online or at your local bookstore. API offers a seven week course that is aimed at preparing participants for the PACE exam, and taking this course is a great way to be prepared and feel confident before taking the exam. Practice exams for PACE can be accessed in a variety of ways. Study manuals often contain a practice test, and there are online practice exams offered through NFPA.