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This page has been archived and is no longer updated. Find out more about page archiving. Lailat al Miraj Last updated John of the Cross, the 16th century Spanish mystic and poet; and Plotinus, the 3rd century philosopher.

'Young Goodman Brown'. Night journey into the forest.

The Night Journey debuted in the SIGGRAPH art gallery in and has continued to be exhibited worldwide for the past ten years, The project stands as a milestone in the search to expand the boundaries of what game experiences may communicate through their game mechanics and world design. Bryan Appleyard of The Sunday Times called it " The Night Journey was one of the first experimental art games ever made. Porter, Others argue that it is in reference to an area in Palestine, specifically in Jerusalem.

Busse, According to scholars and linguists, the Arabic term al- Masjid, does not entail a building of a particular structure, but rather they understood this concept to incorporate three components: the location, direction and boundaries. Therefore disregarding any reference to a physical structure.

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According to sources, Muhammad was not only rejected but was also stoned out of the city by the street urchins. This also was followed by some military triumphs at Badr and al-Hudaibiyah leading to the conquest of Mecca. The nature of this journey has remained a matter of debate and dialogue among scholars. Beirut: Al-Maktab Al-Isl miyy.

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The Night Journey

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Night Journey

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