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St. John Hotels and Places to Stay

Visit this place to enjoy the beauty and magic of it. Other than lying on the beach, there are plenty of water sports to be had in San Juan. Enjoy snorkeling and scuba diving, kayaking, banana boat rides, fishing, water flying, and other cool water sports. You will find these sports on all the beaches you visit. Water shoes are a must for most of these activities. Go and check them here. The factory is found opposite the CVS pharmacy that affords you extra shopping for personal effects.

A trip within the factory itself will depend on which excursion you chose.

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If you want to learn the science behind how rum is made and take a specialty tour, then you should go on the mixology tour. If you just want to learn the history of Bacardi rum, taste some samples, and maybe shop a little, then take the general tour. Puerto Rico has a vibrant art scene and this is visible everywhere you go from quaint little art shops in the markets to mega art museums featuring centuries of art both modern and classical.

However, for a more local scene, check out the wall art in Santurce. The art here is informative on the socioeconomic and political aspects of Puerto Rico. The museum here features an interesting collection that depicts the islands history, culture and politics. Hosted in a grand building that was once a hospital the visual layout of this museum is rather appealing.

Dive Overview

The main floor of the museum showcases classical art from the 17th century to date, mostly by master artists while the upper floors consist of temporary exhibitions that showcase modern contemporary art. This museum is both educative and fun even for young kids.

Let's Play Minecraft PE - Ep.173 : 1.1 Cave Adventure!

It especially has a kid-themed exhibition and hosts an interactive art function for families every once in a while. The art also transcends to the outdoors where there is a beautifully sculpted garden outside the museum.

You can learn more about planning your visit right here. Visit the capital of San Juan just outside the old walls. This is the only state capital that faces the water. Here is where you go to learn the political history of the nation. Hopefully, you do because there is much to do and experience. El Yunque rainforest, the only rainforest under the national forest registry of the United States, is a must visit on your trip to San Juan. Explore the rainforest and its jungle-like setup, learn about the different plants, animals, birds, butterflies and more found in this unique habitat.

Carry a bathing suit in case you plan to take a dip in one of the many pools in the forest. There are hiking trails as well, and you can get a local guide to give you a guided tour. However, due to hurricane damage from storms in recent years, some routes within the forest are closed to give room for repair and maintenance. One of the most unique tourist attractions in PR is the Camuy River Cave Park found on the north-western coast of the island.

This cave system is huge stretching an entire 10miles yet scientists believe there are still more caves yet to be uncovered. Rio Camuy river is the third longest underground river in the world. The calming sounds of its running fill the entire cave system, which adds to the charm of this attraction. There is a long concrete boardwalk with handrails winding through the caves for ease of movement. The tour of the caves starts with an open-air tram ride that descends to the caves in an adventurous winding road through the forest park.

Some steps are required to descend to Cueva Clara so it can be challenging for wheelchair access. These caves are simply enchanting. Expect to feel as if you are in an ancient world. The openings in the ceilings allow sunlight to shine through which supports vegetation inside the caves. A short one-and-a-half-hour drive from San Juan gets you to the caves but you can also book this activity as an excursion with your cruise line. Update: The caves are still closed for ongoing repairs since Hurricane Maria. We will update this information when they are reopened.

Located southeast of the mainland, Vieques is a small island 20 miles long and 7 miles wide. The heavy military presence which had occupied two-thirds of the island for many years kept most of Vieques untouched. As such, it retains an old tropical Caribbean island vibe and bears plenty of untouched beach coves perfect for your exploration. Other than beaches and clear turquoise waters, Vieques has the largest national wildlife refuge. This refuge covers a whopping acres in size.

But the biggest draw to the island is its bioluminescent bay in Mosquito Bay. Thanks to hurricane Maria it now has, even more, brighter due to an increase in dinoflagellates the organisms that cause the water of the bay to turn an eerie blue when disturbed. It glows an eerie blue light that looks like magic.

Go snorkeling or diving in Culebra. Culebra is the small isle located east of Puerto Rico that boasts of incredibly fertile waters and some of the best beaches in the Caribbean. Booking a tour with these guys or other recommended operators will take you on an adventure like no other.

Morning Dives - Mounds at Mingo... - Cruz Bay Watersports

Most tour operators have kiosks in San Juan and Culebra. Most tour guides are charming and know Culebra waters like the back of their hands. They can show you the best spots to see Nurse sharks, turtles, and dozens of colorful fish. Another hot snorkeling spot in Culebra is found at the beautiful and remote beach of Tamarindo.

This rocky beach paves the way to warm, calm-waters perfect for snorkeling.

Klein Curacao: Abandoned island in the Caribbean Sea

The shallow grassy bottom is a haven for turtles and rays. Swim to the left of the beach for a guaranteed sighting of these beautiful creatures. You can also see plenty of rainbow-colored fish in the nearby coral. Wear your water shoes and pack a lounge chair to rest on the beach. Otherwise, enjoy a great couple of hours snorkeling this underwater paradise. Fajardo is the easternmost town of Puerto Rico and has some of the most amazing attractions in the island. Most trips to the sister islands of Puerto Rico start from this town.

But one of its most inviting activities is to kayak Laguna Grande Bio Bay at night for a bioluminescence experience. Bioluminescence is a phenomenal experience where the water glows an eerie blue light when touched or disturbed. There are several tour companies offering these adventures. Icacos is a nice uninhabited island off the southeastern coast of Puerto Rico. It is easily accessible by boat from Fajardo. A boat ride out to the island takes about 15 minutes.

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  • Klein Curacao is an abandoned ghost island in paradise.
  • There is some decent snorkeling offshore and if you come prepared you can enjoy a nice picnic on the island note there are no restaurants, bathrooms or facilities of any kind on the island. He is a highly recommended guide to the place. Another island to check out is Palominito island nearby which is another paradise and where a scene from Pirates of the Caribbean 4 was shot.

    Rincon on the western coast of Puerto Rico boasts of the best surf beaches. Take out your board and go surfing in Rincon or simply watch the surfers do their thing.

    Top experiences in Salt

    Being on the wavy Atlantic side you can expect some huge waves to surf on. Sandy beach and Maria beach are some of the best beaches for this activity. If you also want to learn how to surf, this is also the place to go.

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