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My first Jennie Hanson, years ago. Made me a fan until recently. Macady is home, between college graduation and first full time job, to help run their their small rural store while her Mother recuperates from an operation.

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While going for a horse ride she is shot at in a chase of mistaken identity. Rescued by a police officer she becomes involved in tracking down a drug ring. Good fun and well written. Not my first time to read this.

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Feb 03, Nolan rated it liked it. This book will pull you in from the first page and keep you interested. Macady Jackson, back in Idaho temporarily to help her ailing mom, takes a quiet ride into the desert in an attempt to collect her thoughts before going back to work at the family-owned store. When bullets begin whizzing by her head, she is both frightened and puzzled. Who, after all, wants her dead? Deputy Sheriff Aaron Westerman, unbeknownst to Macady, is also in the desert near her. He's looking for evidence of a drug ring This book will pull you in from the first page and keep you interested.

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He's looking for evidence of a drug ring whose headquarters are hidden somewhere in that stark place, and from a distance, he and Macady have a similar biuld. That explains why she's being shot at, but it doesn't make her escape any less hair raising. Predictably, she and Aaron strike up a friendship that becomes love, but both have their share of difficulty to overcome before that love can be realized.

This book pits the forces of good against the forces of evil without being preachy. In fact, in the world of LDS fiction, this is some of the better stuff that's out there.

Mar 16, Jenni C rated it really liked it Shelves: clean-romance. Ignoring the 90's clothing references This book was decently thrilling and contained a very cute romance. Pros: Good romance Great mystery and action. Strong characters with reasonable problems. Cons: I am going to mention a lot, but for me The grammar and conversations were hurried along due to the shortness of the book example: explaining life stories while hiding in the desert would not happen to most scared people Ignoring the 90's clothing references The grammar and conversations were hurried along due to the shortness of the book example: explaining life stories while hiding in the desert would not happen to most scared people.

I hated the clothing references because I am a visual person and it screamed 90's which detracted from the story. I would recommend this book to friends and family. Mar 07, Shellie rated it really liked it. Macady is shot at while riding, and we later find out that she had unknowingly stumbled into a drug area. The intended victim is none other than Aaron Westerman, an old childhood friend who is now a deputy sheriff.

The chase begins with Aaron and his team trying to find the leader of the drug smuggling operation. In the meantime, Macady is still a target and so is Kelsey, Aaron's 4 year old daughter. Suspicions and suspects abound, along with danger, tragedy, loss and love. Good story :. Sep 25, Verona rated it it was ok.

A sweet enough story with a little romance, but so disappointing otherwise. It's quite predictable, and just not enough substance to really hold my interest. Besides that, the characters moved in and out so fast without much introduction, that we don't get to know them or be able to keep track of them. I was just glad when the story ended so I wouldn't be wondering what was going on all the time.

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I hope the next story of Jennie Hansen's that I read will be better. The narrator is one we have li A sweet enough story with a little romance, but so disappointing otherwise. The narrator is one we have listened to before, and she did a great job of presenting the story. Aug 06, Katie W rated it liked it Shelves: lds-romance , christian-fiction. I read this years ago and had forgotten about the mystery part of the story.

I thought the mystery was well written not too obvious, but still believable and the romance was realistic--not too rushed or sudden.

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It's a very tender story about trusting again, forgiveness, and family. Macady is home again, after graduating from college, to help her mom for the summer, following a surgery. She takes a ride in the hills, is mistaken for someone else, and is shot at. She literally runs into a childho I read this years ago and had forgotten about the mystery part of the story.

Macady by Jennie Hansen

She literally runs into a childhood friend of her cousins--Aaron--who is now a deputy. Jun 18, Larry rated it really liked it. My wife and I listened to this book on CD's while traveling from St. It was a good book to listen to. A good story line. Sally and I have now listed to 4 of her books on CD's and have enjoyed them all. This one is in a modern setting as the 3 other books were part of a series that were in the 's from Ireland to California to the Salt Lake Valley. Jan 21, Dianna rated it really liked it. Macady is a story of a strong young woman who can ride her horse as though they are one, shows using her intelligence is a life saving choice.

She is saved by the Law inforcement officer who she was mistaken for. As the investation continues Macady finds she is in more danger but is the biggest danger to her life from the drug runners or her heart as she find she is falling in love with the Law inforcement officer. Jul 30, Maryann rated it liked it. There are few books out there that are free from crud - and this is one of them.

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I'm not a fan of romance or mystery, but was happy that at least it was clean. I personally know the author, so I was interested to read her book. May 25, Pam Jewell rated it really liked it. This is a reread for me and it still makes me wonder if I could be forgiving of an adulterous husband who has repented but is happy with his "New familiy" while his Old family is still reeling from the pain of his betrayal. Makes you wonder what restitution for adultery could be. Yet if you don't forgive the one most hurt is yourself.

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  5. Jul 13, Nathan rated it it was amazing. Loved this book!! It has a little of everything in it. So being 17 years old it was fun to see how far we've come technology wise.

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    There's not one cell phone in the whole book :. Jun 09, Brenda rated it it was amazing Shelves: had-to-read-it-more-than-once. I loved how the relationships were woven into a mystery and how the characters evolved throughout the story. It's about hope, forgiveness and starting over. Great book that tugged a little on my heart strings :. Aug 09, Michelle rated it it was amazing Shelves: lds. Second time to read this, and still really liked it. The love story evolved naturally and didn't seem hurried or forced. Just a great story for the genre.

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