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Stretch and stitch as you want, it might settle more shapely tattered into light, but it will never become whole. Two in-progress books articulate the planetary conditions for anthroponomy collective self-governance in an era of planetary environmental change, and a third explores the conditions of democratic life and moral reasoning in the operation of wonder.

Living on the Wind: Across the Hemisphere with Migratory Birds by Scott Weidensaul

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Jun 11, Chris Leuchtenburg rated it really liked it Shelves: nature. An extensive description of bird migration in the Americas. The three sections Southbound, Hiatus winter habitats and Northbound, are organized by geography and include lists of birds that use particular migratory strategies, wintering grounds, or flyways. The story moves along somewhat plodddingly by describing his experiences studying the birds in Alaska, the Argentine Pampas, the mountains of Jamaica, etc.

Sometimes the lurid descriptions of habitat destruction overwhelm the migration story An extensive description of bird migration in the Americas. Sometimes the lurid descriptions of habitat destruction overwhelm the migration story, but there are many interesting insights and questions posed about the needs and habits of migratory birds. For instance, birds that are territorial in the north but gregarious in the south, or birds with specific habitats in the north, but generalists in the south or visa versa.

Altogether fascinating, but sometimes hard work to read. Highly recommended for the bird lover. Nov 24, Diane rated it really liked it Shelves: non-fiction , ecology-natural-history. I was surprised by the beautiful writing, something I did not expect in what I thought was a popular scientific book about bird migration. Weidensaul seems to be telling us about his love for birds and his love of looking at birds and learning about birds; the scientific information is certainly presented and presented well, but may be of secondary importance.

I also very much liked learning how much we do NOT know about birds and bird migration. The book was written in , so we may have lear I was surprised by the beautiful writing, something I did not expect in what I thought was a popular scientific book about bird migration.

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I really loved his gentle reminders of the hubris of human scientific knowledge. I also liked that he was not a doomsayer. He gives a balanced view of the issues surrounding bird survival. A lovely book. May 04, Laura rated it it was amazing Shelves: animals , nonfiction , not-mine , conservation. Read this one as part of researching a project for work. And it is an utter delight! Weidensaul breaks down the incredibly complex phenomenon of songbird migration by focusing on the individual stories of species and locations. His writing is beautiful and immersive.

May 15, Peter added it. Describes where, when, how, and why birds migrate, how we have learned what we know, and what it means for bird conservation. Covers many of the threats to bird populations and drives home the complex problems involved in protecting them. Quite thorough, with tons of examples and detail, but well-written enough to stay interesting. Jun 11, Christine rated it it was amazing. I am not the sort of person who generally reads non-fiction, I am not a bird watcher nor am I particularly outdoorsy, yet this book is one that I think back to often as a book that amazed me, and changed my view of the world.

The title is hard to remember and I always garble it and thus have found it hard to recommend it to friends. But now it is here for good, never to be forgotten again. Fabulous read! If you've ever wondered about those flocks of birds you see winging overhead, where they might be headed, read this book. I never realized the degree to which migratory birds are constantly on the move. Not just your spring and fall migration.

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This is beautifully written and informative. Apr 26, Sylvia Walker rated it it was amazing Shelves: nature.

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This book is so beautifully written, truly engaging, full of facts and stories and places I wish I could go It's heartbreaking and hopeful, both. Anyone with the slightest interest in birds, or just nature in general, will enjoy this book, and learn from it.

Such a pleasure to read. Weidensaul takes you on the wings of various birds and their astonishing migrations. He brings science, research and thought to this feathered world and how we humans impact birds, their environment and their future. Oct 06, Carol Douglas rated it it was amazing.

If you read just one book about bird migration, this is the book to read. It's beautifully written and packed with information about migrations all over the Western Hemisphere.

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Weidensaul has traveled widely, following many migrations. I've read books about birds for decades, but I learned quite a bit that I didn't kn If you read just one book about bird migration, this is the book to read. I've read books about birds for decades, but I learned quite a bit that I didn't know. I didn't realize that North Americas have ignored migrations of tropical birds that move to different latitudes and altitudes. It never occurred to me that toucans and parrots might migrate.

I didn't know that some birds migrate on foot. Blue grouse walk from lower elevations to higher elevations in the winter so they can eat fir needles. Arctic terns migrate from the Arctic to the Antarctic. Tiny blackpoll warblers migrate from Alaska to the Amazon. Birds don't migrate because of cold weather: They migrate to get better, more accessible food.