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Chapter 1: What are niche sites and how are they built?

With this business model, your customer specifies whether they want a 3, 6 or month subscription or any other options you offer. Your customers keep paying every month assuming you're awesome, which I'm sure you are! People obsess over picking a name - I know I have. Otherwise you'll spend months trying to figure it out and never pull the trigger on starting.

Spelling is hard, people!

Otherwise people might go to the wrong URL. You want to make it as easy as possible for your customers to find you! Your business name should be words, MAX! I would strongly advise sticking to one or two words. Again, the easier a name is to pronounce and type, the more people will remember it. This is a no brainer, but I had to add it. But what happens when you decide to branch out in the future? Need product ideas?

Check out this post about trending products. If Chinese suppliers aren't your thing, SaleHoo has a Supplier Directory that lists high-quality suppliers and it's fairly cheap for a membership. Their Market Research Lab is also pretty useful for finding hot products:. This tool allows you to compare different products and evaluate them based on sales trends, competition ratings ie whether there are a ton of other stores selling the same product , and more. To learn more about finding the right supplier, check out this guide.

When it comes to creating an eCommerce store, the most painless, fuss-free solution is Shopify. Or, if you want something custom made, you can hire us to help you out.

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On top of filling in the standard information, such as product name, description, etc, be sure you also input your meta description for better SEO! Check out this guide to create a killer about us page plus get a free template , and check out this guide to creating a return policy that actually makes you sales instead of getting returns! Do the guests - make checkout as frictionless as possible. On your Payment Providers page, you can enable different payment methods. PayPal and Credit Cards are a good idea!

Bitcoin might not be bad either. Check out this article to learn more. On your Shipping page, you can set shipping rates for different zones. We have a huge guide to all things shipping you should check out for this. On your Notifications page, you can customize the emails your customers will receive upon completing an order. Try these emails on for size. Need more details? Get our store launch checklist! The main benefit to this is that your business will operate as a separate entity from you, the owner. While incorporating your business protects your personal assets, you can start as a sole proprietorship without any official paperwork.

Read this article to learn more about incorporating and making sure you're doing everything legally. Take our advice with a grain of salt. Couple of questions Spencer. Should one use your own name or aliases when creating a couple of niche sites? What happens when your site gets really popular can only happen if you follow this great advice , should you go for VPS hosting?

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Is Bluehost friendly towards multiple niche sites being hosted? You can do either. Sure, go to VPS if your site gets enough traffic. Yes, you can host lots of website on one bluehost account. Can it compete with. It totally deserves to be linked to!

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Thanks man! That was the longest post I have ever seen. Started the second one. Doing link building and content creation. Hope It will rank in a few months.

Hey Spencer! Would a. I have some catchy. I always prefer a. If you really like a. Hi Spencer, Thats great work and effort you crafted a very good motivating post here. Always like your work and guides thanks. Extremely high resourced article.

see url

Discover + Profitable Niche Markets - Some Of These Are REALLY Weird!

I have bookmarked it for future reading. You are master of niche site building. I alway to follow your post to develop my website. Thank you for your effort as for the community. Thanks for putting this together! Hey Spenser, You nailed it, I think any newbie could start their niche website following this simple straight forward guide. Great work buddy! Spencer — thanks a million for pulling this all together in one step by step guide and all in one location. Despite all your other great content and posts this IS your best ever blog guide!

I did hear you mention 8 months to a year. Any general indication?


Thanks Buddy from the UK! Very detailed guide in building niche website. Hi Spencer, nice post! Transparency is what all I see on your post. Lots of things to learn from this post. I have to say Thank You. I followed NSP3 as much as my time would allow. I got my site up, content added, plugged in some adsense and amazon affiliate links. I will say I could have picked a better niche with more traffic Long Tail Pro told me the low numbers but I wanted to stay with something I was more passionate about.

Thank you for putting together this comprehensive guide. Bookmarked this. Another great niche site tutorial from the expert. There will always be a way if there is a will, right? Hi Spencer!

Comprehensive List of Small Business Ideas in Pakistan

Checking with SEMrush I can see some of them have quite a few backlinks over Is it worth the effort? Can I outrank them with good content and patience? Yes, its possible to outrank; although can be difficult. However, if you play the long game with good content, sometimes these PBN backed sites drop out of google. Gone the time when you had success with small niche blogs. You need to now treat your new niche sites as your daily updated blog.

What a guide!!! Very grateful for this and all the work you Spencer and all the other guys do around here.

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  5. You guys are awesome. Many thanks. In-depth, informative and very useful post. It will surely help lots of people on how to start and earn a decent income. Hello, Spancer.. That is quite an Awesome piece of Information on Niche Sites… I have been reading your blogs for the past 1 year and I am always fascinated by the quality of the Nichepursuits that you have maintained with every new and unique contents… Will be waiting for more of you.

    Thank You. Hey Spencer that is one long post and correctly wont be enough to be digested in one sitting, I have bookmarked this one as a resource to go and visit every now and then, Thanks for sharing and wish me luck on my niche site as well.