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Another easy, yet brilliantly effective exercise is shoulder circles. Much like neck rolls, these look like any old common stretch and so are fantastic for anyone not looking to bring attention to themselves while beating the bad side of desk work.

As with most of these desk yoga exercises, start off by sitting up straight. Focus on the line of your back, relaxing your shoulders down and away from your neck.

5 Yoga Poses That Can Instantly Make Anyone Feel Healthier | DOYOUYOGA

Let your arms hang by your sides. Slowly rotate your shoulders in a circular pattern at the same time, reversing your motion after cycles. Other than that, keep the rest of your body still and remember to take it steady. Start off by standing up straight with your feet together. Like with many other exercises in this post, remember to avoid locking your knees — keep them slightly bent.

Stretch your arms above your head, then send your torso and arms down as far as they can go towards the floor. Keep your back and legs straight by bending at your hips instead of your lower back. When you get as low as you can, put your hands on the floor in front of you or beside your feet if you can reach.

Instead, use your hands to hold the lowest part of your legs that you can reach. While breathing out, lower your head to put your neck in line with the rest of your spine, keep your back straight, and lower your torso as much as you can without hurting yourself. Quick note — stay still for a good seconds after straightening up from your forward fold.

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The sun salutation is a fantastic exercise which stretches every muscle that suffers from too much desk work. As long as you have the space to stand up and lie flat on the floor, you have room to do this exercise. Take a deep breath, and let it out.

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Next, stretch your arms upwards in a wide circle, bringing your palms together above your head. At the same time, tilt your head back to look up towards your thumbs. On your next exhale, tilt into a forward fold. Remember to keep your back straight, leaning using your hips rather than your lower back. Place your hands on the floor or as far down your legs as you can reach.

Getting Started: Yoga for Beginners

Place your hands on the floor either side of your feet and, on your next exhale, step one foot back into a lunge. Keep the line in your spine straight and aim to do the same for the leg you stepped back. Slowly bring your head up to look forward. Slowly let your breath out while leaning back and lifting your hips to move into a downward dog pose.

From here, breathe in and lean forwards again into a plank. Hold it for a few seconds, then bend your arms to slowly lower yourself to the ground without going all the way. Aim to have your elbows at a right angle when you stop and hold for a few more seconds. From here, straighten your arms and pull your torso up into an upward dog pose. This means going from downward dog into a lunge.

Step forward with the same leg you earlier stepped back with to make sure the lunge is a reverse of the previous one. From here, step the other leg forward into a forward fold. Transition up into a half-forward fold, then back down into a full forward fold. Finally, slowly rise back up into a standing pose, spreading your arms out and up above your head. Bring your hands down to your chest and take a deep breath to finish.

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To recap, the flow is:. Other than that, the only thing to work on is your form and staying aware of your entire body.

Feel Good Look Great Shine Bright

By this I mean things like never locking your elbows or knees, keeping the line of your back and often neck straight at all times, and testing different muscles in poses. Instead, try shifting your weight and spreading the load to the rest of your body. Use your leg, core stomach , and chest muscles to get more out of the exercise. This is also a great way to stretch, use, and wake up muscles that suffer through office work.

I used to write them off as part and parcel of the job — the pain would ebb and flow with my tasks, so why bother doing anything about them? For me, it was my hands practically collapsing under the strain at the ripe old age of Do you have any exercises you use to combat the fatigue of working at a desk all day? I just feel strong.

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