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Industry Overview

Encyclopedia of Modern China Volume 3. Creative Industries in China: Opportunities for Business.

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The closure of the Bauhaus in Germany in the s is closely linked to the perception of its orientation and teaching as politically leftist and internationalist. He advises government agencies and non-profit organizations.

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The collection will be the anchor collection of the planned China Design Museum in Hangzhou, which would in turn reinforce the position of Zhejiang Province as a creative design and manufacturing centre within China. Central to the purchase was a group of over pieces of Bauhaus-related objects. The early influence of the Bauhaus in China was particularly centred around Shanghai, the most cosmopolitan city in China in the early part of the 20th century.

This was facilitated by returning Chinese designers trained in Europe and the United States, and foreign practitioners based in Shanghai, who built both private and public commissions. Nor was the influence of modernism restricted solely to architectural production. Richard Paulick, who worked with Gropius in Dessau and Berlin, had emigrated to Shanghai in the s and was a key figure in drafting the masterplan for Shanghai prior to the fall of the Nationalist Government.

The Reform of the Cultural System: Culture, Creativity and Innovation in China

Artists turned to tradition and crafts for inspiration, both in form and content—woodblock prints, once experimented upon by the left-leaning avant-garde in the s, took on a distinct pall of folk culture as it became a powerful tool of political propaganda. In architecture, literature, and art, socialist realism was enshrined over abstraction and modernism, which were seen to be out of touch with the everyday. Politically, the speech was an important milestone in the Rectification Movement.

Its call for art to reify socialist politics and the rejection of the avant-garde would pave the way for the excesses of the Cultural Revolution in the s. The privileging of vernacular arts and craft-forms is significant.

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Yet the artistic and industrial spheres would be brought into a different relationship with each other—while scenes of industry, technology and science were depicted in artistic production, they were framed in purely representational terms, in contrast to the art—technology gestalt embodied in the Bauhaus mission. It would, however, be erroneous to say that the Communist victory in the civil war brought about the demise of Bauhaus ideology in China.

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