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The primary components of the Congressional Budget Act

That discourages policy reforms that would create short-term political and budgetary costs but would improve the long-term outlook. The year window also hides the long-term costs of policies that may look manageable in the shorter term. Process reforms that require more information about the long-term budget outlook could help to overcome the current, short-term focus. Some reforms include:. Although policymakers generally acknowledge that the current projections of rising debt are unsustainable, they do not agree on the appropriate target for our long-term debt.

Without such a consensus, it is more difficult to agree on the revenue and spending levels that would achieve a better long-term fiscal outlook. Alternatively, policymakers could agree that the budget should be balanced over the business cycle that is, run surpluses when the economy is growing and allow deficits when the economy is weak. If the budget stayed in balance, debt as a percent of GDP would decline over time.

Any targets should be set at levels that would be reasonably attainable and flexible enough to allow for unanticipated circumstances, such as economic downturns, national emergencies, and major disasters. That means that targets should be designed to rein in deficits and debt gradually to avoid sudden impacts on the economy and to allow for gradual policy changes that would give Americans time to adjust to resulting changes.

Policymakers would also be free to adjust the goals through subsequent budget legislation. Department of Elder Affairs. Massachusetts Department of Transportation.

Board of Library Commissioners. Office of Business Development. Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation. Division of Banks. Division of Insurance. Division of Professional Licensure. Division of Standards. Department of Telecommunications and Cable. Department of Labor Relations. Labor and Workforce Development. Executive Office of Education. Department of Early Education and Care. Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. Department of Higher Education. University of Massachusetts. Bridgewater State College.

Policy Options

Fitchburg State College. Framingham State College.

Shaping policy for a stronger Montana.

Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts. Salem State College. Westfield State College. Worcester State College. Massachusetts College of Art. Massachusetts Maritime Academy. Berkshire Community College. Bristol Community College. Cape Cod Community College. Greenfield Community College.

Congressional Research Service Reports May 2015

Holyoke Community College. Mass Bay Community College. Massasoit Community College. Mount Wachusett Community College.

Policy Basics: Introduction to the Federal Budget Process | Center on Budget and Policy Priorities

Northern Essex Community College. North Shore Community College. Quinsigamond Community College. Springfield Technical Community College. Roxbury Community College. Middlesex Community College.

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Bunker Hill Community College. Executive Office of Public Safety and Security. Office of the Chief Medical Examiner. Criminal History Systems Board. Criminal Justice Training Council. Department of State Police. Department of Public Safety. Department of Fire Services. Military Division. Emergency Management Agency.


Department of Corrections. Parole Board. Sheriff's Department Hampden.

Sheriff's Department Worcester. Sheriff's Department Middlesex. Sheriff's Department Franklin. Sheriff's Department Hampshire. Sheriff's Department Essex. Sheriff's Department Berkshire. Sheriff's Department Association. Sheriff's Department Barnstable. Sheriff's Department Bristol. Sheriff's Department Dukes.

Sheriff's Department Norfolk. Sheriff's Department Plymouth. Sheriff's Department Suffolk.

United States federal budget

Section 2. For the operation of the supreme judicial court, including the salaries of the chief justice and the 6 associate justices For the operation of the commission on judicial conduct For the services of the board of bar examiners Committee for Public Counsel Services. Massachusetts Legal Assistance Corporation. Mental Health Legal Advisors. For the operation of the mental health legal advisors committee and for certain programs for the indigent mentally ill established under section 34E of chapter of the General Laws Social Law Library.

For the expenses of the social law library located in Suffolk county For the appeals court, including the salaries, traveling allowances and expenses of the chief justice, recall justices and associate justices For the salaries of the justices of the 7 departments of the trial court For the continued administration and transportation costs associated with a veterans court program and study first established under section 33 of chapter 62 of the acts of For permanency mediation services in the probate and juvenile courts For the use of videoteleconferencing for court appearances by persons in the custody of the houses of correction For a probation program that administers high-intensity supervision to promote successful probation outcomes and reduce recidivism; provided, that the office of the commissioner of probation may partner with the same external research organization in fiscal year as selected in fiscal year to monitor program fidelity and design, to implement the model and to collect and analyze the outcome evaluation; provided further, that said program shall be conducted at both a district and a superior court; provided further, that the trial court shall maintain this probation program in the 10 court locations currently in operation; and provided further, that the office of the commissioner of probation shall submit a report to the house and senate committees on ways and means not later than March 16, , that shall include but not be limited to, any relevant data on participants and outcomes For the operation of the specialty courts; provided, that no funds shall be transferred from this item to any other item in the trial court; provided further, that not later than April 1, , the trial court shall, in coordination with partner departments and agencies, submit reports on interdepartmental service agreements made with said partner departments and agencies to the court administrator and the house and senate committees on ways and means that shall include, but not be limited to: i the amount of funding transferred to each specific agency or department for use in specialty courts; ii the specific intent of that transfer in relation to specialty court operations; iii any additional services implemented by way of the transfer; and iv the amount of unspent funds from the transfer at the time of reporting Superior Court Department.

District Court Department. For the operation of the district court department, including a civil conciliation program; provided, that notwithstanding the provisions of any general or special law to the contrary, the district court of Chelsea shall be the permanent location for the northern trial session to handle 6-person jury cases; and provided further, that all personnel within said district court whose duties related to said northern trial session shall report to the clerk-magistrate of said district court Probate and Family Court Department.

Land Court Department. For the operation of the land court department Boston Municipal Court Department. For the operation of the Boston municipal court department Housing Court Department. For the operation of the housing court department Juvenile Court Department. Office of the Commissioner of Probation.

Budget and Appropriations 101: Understanding the Process and Timelines

Office of the Jury Commissioner. Suffolk District Attorney.